ready to Ignite Your Financial Confidence?
Do you ever feel like you're in a perpetual state of being broke, in debt, and never saving enough? 
You know you need to save money and pay off your debt, but you aren't doing it
Any time you seem to have paid off a bit of your credit card or line of credit, something happens and you’re back to where you started and you give up again.
You’re working, you’re getting paid, but nothing is happening because all you seem to be doing is paying bills. 
You regret racking up your debt and wish so badly you can reverse everything and start just fresh.
How many times have you said:
"When I get my next raise, then I'll get my finances in order....
"When I get a better job..."
"When I make more money..."
"I just don't make enough money..."
Stop with the excuses and Say goodbye (forever) to your unhealthy relationship with money. 
Want a clean slate? It's time to take your power back and gain control over your finances, instead of having it control you.
Ignite Your Financial Confidence is a three-hour live intimate workshop for women. Learn how to easily apply financial strategies that will inspire you to take action and change your financial destiny. We're talking about: 
  Eliminating your debt forever
 Effortlessly saving more money
 Learning the art of spending money consciously
 Increasing your income, whether you're employed or an entrepreneur 
 No technical knowledge is needed whatsoever
We’ll not only teach you easy to apply financial strategies that will create thousands of dollars, we’ll bust through the common emotional blocks that can sabotage your success in each area. 
Armed with both, you’ll be able to finally change your patterns around saving, spending, debt, and earning more income. 
You’ll receive tools to create a savings plan, a budget that actually works for you, and set up your debt elimination plan so you’ll know the exact moment you can say, I’m debt free! 
You’ll walk away with the confidence and know-how to take control of your finances!
Hey! We're Danielle Alexandria and Michelle Hung,
personal finance and investment experts with combined experience of over two decades in this industry. 
After helping many clients change their financial lives, we know it’s not just about the numbers. Money is a deeply emotional experience. You likely have unresolved emotional blocks that have hindered your actions/inactions and are sabotaging your financial future. And,
Because it's subconscious. 
But we can help YOU change that. 

Danielle Alexandria, Tony Robbins trained Life Coach

I’m a Tony Robbins trained life coach and spent 12 years working in the financial industry in Canada and Australia. I help kind-hearted people overcome the conflict between having money and living as their true selves.

I want to help you take full ownership of your financial situation instead of feeling powerless over it.

My approach combines deep emotional healing work with practical financial education. I’ll show you the unique, hidden patterns that have been driving your relationship with money until now, and help you let go of the past so you can embrace your true earning power.

Michelle Hung, CFA

I'm the founder of The Sassy Investor and recently published author of the self-titled book, The Sassy Investor. 

I have spent over 10 years working in the financial industry, from investment banking and venture capital, to now personal finances and financial education. I am also a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) charterholder, a globally recognized investment management designation. 

An advocate for financial literacy, I am on a mission to spread the word on the importance of financial independence and how to achieve it. 
See what others have to say after working with Danielle..

“I didn’t even know that I was afraid of money. Danielle led me step by step to my unresolved wounds buried from my childhood, adolescence, and my current life. She helped me find the beliefs that were sabotaging my abundance, and opened my mind to accept that I can have money and shine as God commands!”

- Nathalie Jaramillo, The Dream Designer, Mexico

“Within 2 months, I had 2 new sources of income, and I’m now saving over $1000 a month, which I’ve never done in my life! Danielle’s sessions are seriously worth their weight in gold. She has helped clear my negative beliefs about money. I love this lady and could not recommend her more highly.”

- Andrea Ross, Founder of Pure Alleviation, actress, singer, Australia
See what others have to say after working with Michelle..

"Before I sat down with Michelle, I had a base understanding of investments to start building my investment portfolio. However after discussions with Michelle about my investment goals and an achievable savings schedule, I tried a different approach. From Jan – Dec. 2017, I was able to contribute $10,000 in savings, saw a 20% growth in my portfolio and 2.5% reduction in annual management fees. Most importantly, it gave me the financial freedom and confidence to leave my unhappy relationship, move out and furnish my own place, take up boxing, pursue a designation, and rebuild my happiness.” 

- Diana H., Toronto 

"Michelle has helped me greatly and completely changed my finances. She helped direct my not only my finances, but also my attitude towards my money, investing, and saving. I look forward to applying my new found knowledge and am excited for the positive financial changes I will be obtaining."

- Mariam V., Toronto
Join Danielle and Michelle on Saturday March 23rd, 2019 @ 1pm - 4pm
at the beautiful and modern co-working space, 
for a supportive, FUN and life-changing half-day workshop where you will:
  •  Learn practical, effective, and easy-to-use strategies to get your financial life on track for 2019 and beyond! 
  •  FEEL excited about taking action, and confident you can make impactful, positive changes
  •  Receive the expert guidance and tools to build a plan that will get you out of debt, effortlessly 
  •  Understand what has held you back from taking action and overcome your emotional blocks to money!
Core Topics:
  •  Savings: Why you can't seem to save and how to pay yourself first
  • Spending: Why you spend the way you do and how you can gain control of it without sacrificing the things you love
  •  Debt Elimination: Build your debt elimination plan while confronting the very thing that got you here, so you never end up in that place again. 
  •  Increasing your Present Income at Work or in your Business 
  •   Emotional Blocks: Bust through the common emotional blocks that can sabotage all of these areas so you can finally change your patterns 
What to Expect:
  •   An intimate setting with a small group of women so you feel safe and can talk openly about your fears
  •  Tools and resources provided during and after the workshop 
  •  Private Facebook Group where we can continue the discussion and provide the necessary support and keep each other accountable
  •  A practical experience where you walk away with a plan that you FEEL EXCITED about
  •  Coffee/tea and snacks to be provided
  •  ...and of course three hours with two finance experts! (Our combined hourly rate is over $300/ hour!)
Sassy Money Planner
($25 value)
As an added bonus, receive a 12-month undated planner so you can start tracking your expenses, in a fun way! Set your savings goals, manage your expenses, and watch your money grow!
  • Includes one sheet of stickers, so you can start anytime 
  •  Weekly spreads for 12 months 
  •  Three-month check-ins to track your progress
  •  Daily expense tracking to see, on paper, where your money goes so you can plan and organize your expenditures
  •  Monthly savings goals to ensure you pay yourself first! 
...and if you continue implementing the strategies we provide, you will watch your debt balance go down and/or savings balance go up. 
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$197.75 ($175 + HST)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Who is this workshop for?
Those of you who are willing and want to invest in your financial future but don't have the knowledge, tools, or support to get through it yourselves. 

How big will the workshop be?
There will a max of 15 participants. 

What do you need to bring?
A laptop as we will be providing calculators and spreadsheets to work on. 

I'm in debt, should I be spending this kind of money on this? What if it doesn't work?
Here's the thing, if you don't commit yourself and make a financial investment, you're not going to value it. When you don't value it, you're not going to commit and put the effort in to make it work for you. A change in life starts with you making the commitment to do something different. Although it feels scary, this spending decision is an investment in you and your future. Making it can be the start of changing your relationship with money. To shift stagnant energy, sometimes we need to jump first, and the parachute will appear. And, we got you. After working with so many clients who have turned their finances around, we’re confident that the value of the information we’re teaching is worth several tens of thousands of dollars. Even if you just apply one or two concepts that you learn, the ROI in your future will be many, many times more than your investment. From past experience with clients, if you’re feeling a mixture of fear and nervousness but also excitement, this can mean you are ready to make the leap. We hope you'll join us!
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